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March 19, 2016 Full Body Meeting

March 2016 Meeting Agenda.pdf

New Name Proposal.pdf

February 13, 2016 Full Body Meeting

February 2016 Meeting Agenda.pdf

January 16, 2016 Full Body Meeting

January 2016 Meeting Agenda.pdf

Novemeber 14, 2015 Full Body Meeting

November 2015 Meeting Agenda.pdf


  • The Budget and Finance Committee shall prepare and present the annual budget, review and recommend ways and means to improve the financial operations of the Corporation. The Treasurer should be chairperson of this committee. The Membership Chairperson should be a member of this committee along with two other members.
  • The Social Action Committee shall: 1) keep the Corporation informed of community action pertaining to the Dudley Alumni Association, shall determine any course of action deemed necessary for the protection of the Dudley High School Legacy, and 2) give information of current civil rights issues and stimulate social action. This committee should suggest specific projects for the Alumni to engage in at Dudley each year.
  • The Membership Committee shall plan and implement plans necessary to increase membership in the corporation. Each class shall be represented on the Membership Committee by an appointed representative of each class. If one has not been appointed, then the Membership Committee shall secure a representative to provide and maintain a complete up-to-date membership roster of names, addresses, telephone number(s) and email.
  • The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for keeping members, the news media, the National Alumni Association, and the community informed of all activities pertaining to the Alumni.
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall be responsible for recommending proposed revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws; suggesting rule changes that may be pertinent to the progress of the Corporation and promote clearer understanding.
  • The Program Committee shall formulate plans for yearly activities.
  • The Reunion Committee shall be responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the Alumni Weekend programs and activities.
  • The Courtesy Committee shall monitor and send acknowledgements of deaths, births, illness, etc., to family, and alumni for record-keeping purposes.
  • The Nominating Committee (appointed by the President) shall receive recommendations from active chapters for persons to serve the various offices. The list shall be presented to the Membership and elected by secret ballot at the Reunion General Meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Ballots shall be counted and tabulated and result vote made at this meeting.

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