Dudley Alumn, Amos Lewis Quick III, formally filed to run as a candidate for NC House District 58. He was greeted at the Guilford County Board of Elections on Wednesday evening by family, friends and supporters.

Quick previously announced his intentions to run in a post on his Facebook page Tuesday.

A little over a year ago, several prominent political leaders urged me to seek the office of State Representative for NC House – District 58. And while I was intrigued by the offer, I still had unfinished work to do as the Vice-Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Education. Now, after much prayerful consideration and having completed an important assignment with the School Board (which gives every graduating high school senior a chance to obtain a scholarship to further their education), I have decided to accept this challenge before me, and become a candidate for the NC House of Representatives, District 58.

Over the last 11 years, I have worked tirelessly and with much success to give our families hope and help. But our state has fallen into the hands of a General Assembly that desires to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

I believe that there are workable solutions available that will enhance the prominence of North Carolina once again. We should be setting the standard for education, not lagging behind. We should do more to provide jobs/job training and fight wage stagnation that has seen many of our household expenses increase while wages decrease or remain unmoved.

We ought to expand healthcare coverage and remove the barriers that leave too many people without access to quality healthcare, including mental health needs.

We must have affordable and adequate housing; full legal and social equality for women; criminal justice reform; the protection of voting rights; a compassionate and just immigration policy; the rooting out of institutional racism, and, a state government that is by the people and for the people. And not only do I believe in these things, I am committed to fighting for them with all of my God-given might.

I am excited at the possibility of serving the people of this state. But before I can serve, I must conduct a formidable campaign. The General Assembly has stacked the deck against newcomers by changing the dates of filing and the state primary to March 15, 2016, adding a sense of urgency.

I am inviting you to join me this Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 4:45pm at the Guilford County Board of Elections – 301 West Market Street in Greensboro – as I formally file to run for this office.

If you cannot be there, I thank you in advance for your prayers, your encouragement and your generous support – including financial — in the days ahead. I will keep you updated on the many events that we will have and invite you to participate. I invite you to volunteer with the campaign. I also ask for your vote if you live in NC House District 58.

I invite you to “like” the page ELECT AMOS QUICK or to follow me on Twitter @pickquick315.

The task is great, but our God is greater. Thank you all.

File_005Upon graduating from James B. Dudley in 1986, Quick continued his education at the University of NC at Wilmington majoring in Psychology. Quick returned to Greensboro and began attending  New Light Missionary Baptist Church and after more than 3 years of study as a Minister In Training at the In the Light Continuing Education Center of the Apex School of Theology, Reverend Quick was licensed to preach in 2011. He currently serves as an Associate Pastor of the New Light Missionary Baptist Church and as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in High Point, NC.

Since 2004, Reverend Quick, has also served on the Guilford County Schools Board of Education as the representative for District 9.  In December 2014 Quick was unanimously elected as the Vice-Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Education for his eighth consecutive term.

Quick is the father of two accomplished daughters – Jasmine who is a senior at North Carolina State University, and, Raven who is a junior at East Carolina University.

The primary will be held March 15.


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